Meetings are a great opportunity for sharing ideas, collaborating, and brainstorming but sometimes arranging them, organizing attendees, and coordinating all the details can be more challenging than anticipated. Luckily, as technology continues to advance, so do technological resources that help meetings run more efficiently and effectively. We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite meeting technology and apps to streamline your meetings.

Doodle: The best for organizing schedules

As anyone who has ever tried to schedule a meeting knows, trying to coordinate schedules between more than two people can be quite an uphill battle. Doodle syncs with your address book and calendar making it easy to coordinate schedules between participants. Send out a simple poll to gauge everyone’s availability and schedule away! You can also participate in polls, comment and see the results on the mobile app making Doodle useful in the office and on the go.

meeting technology: Doodle



Evernote: The best for taking notes

Evernote is the best meeting app for taking organized notes. Organize your notes into different digital notebooks, set reminders on specific notes, track tasks, and save things you find online all within the app. Our favourite feature is the presentation view, which allows you to take notes and put them right into presentation mode, saving you all that PowerPoint preparation time. Plus Evernote syncs everything between your phone and computer automatically meaning another hassle free app.

meeting technology: Evernote



Awesome Note: The best for integrated task organization

Awesome Note is a one-stop shop for organizing meetings and individual work. Compatible with iPhones, iPads, and Galaxy Notes, this app integrates all of your meeting must-haves into one simple platform. Awesome Note organizes notes, calendars, to-do lists, tasks, reminders, shopping lists, travel diaries, and the list goes on.

This app syncs with other devices through Bluetooth and Google Drive giving you the ability to share certain items with coworkers through a quick digital transfer. Plus you can personalize your Awesome Note documents by using their hand drawing feature or selection of themes for an added bit of fun!

meeting technology: Awesome Note



Meeting Pad: The best for collaboration

This all-inclusive meeting app allows you to manage your meeting’s attendees, take notes, create agendas, organize action items, and automatically turn your meeting minutes into an email template that can be sent out to your team immediately following each meeting. You can also attach documents and organize files into different folders. Plus you can record audio at any time and add audio tags to find your recordings quickly and easily when you need them.

meeting technology: Meeting Pad



Picatic: The best for building custom websites and managing registration and online ticket sales

Gone are the days of using cumbersome desktop software to create meeting websites and then using a manual process to collect and process payment. With Picatic, you can create a beautiful, responsive registration website in a matter of minutes and actually have fun during the process. The Picatic ticketing system manages registration for free meetings as well as tickets sales for paid conferences and thanks to a super simple, single page check-out system, your invitees can confirm their attendance with minimal effort. A personalized dashboard makes communicating updates to your attendees a breeze and built in promotional tools make spreading the word about your meeting a breeze.

Meeting Technology: Picatic



Any list of meeting technology just wouldn’t be complete without…


Eventsage: The best for pre-planning and booking suppliers

This free website is the ultimate online resource for organizations planning small and medium sized meetings. Created by professional meeting and event planners to share wisdom and relationships gleaned from years planning events for top corporations, it’s like a little black book of the best suppliers, most unique venues and a source for inspirational ideas and tips for delivering amazing meetings and events on time and on budget. It’s a community of unique and dependable suppliers, and a one-stop shop for creative solutions, sourcing support, quotes/proposals, and for confirming bookings with the click of a button. Plus, a helpful ‘Presentation Tool’ automatically creates a beautiful planning summery with write-ups and photos for every supplier you are considering for easy sharing with your boss, stakeholders, planning committee etc. to get feedback and approvals. No more endless Google-ing to find ideas, sales contacts and following up over and over again to receive booking and availability information. 

meeting technology: eventsage



Sage Advice

Every person at some point has invested in something that didn’t work out, whether it be a new product at the grocery store or a course that didn’t teach the information you were hoping for. Similarly, a lot of new technology, and particularly apps, make promises they don’t actually live up to. Subsequently, we are big fans of apps that offer a basic or trial version so you can test the waters before committing. That’s why Eventsage has only one version that is completely free for all users. Be sure to take advantage of free versions of meeting technology and apps whenever possible before committing to a full paid version.


Tara Boddington

Tara Boddington

With a decade of experience planning corporate and promotional events for top brands as well as sponsorship activations at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games and 2010 FIFA World Cup, I have a passion for transformative environments and experiences. I want to live in a world where emails are short, obsessive attention to detail is seen as an asset not an annoyance, and libraries are cool places to hang out (yes I like to read actual hard copy books). I am also the Director of Sales and Marketing at Eventsage.

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