Florals are a great way to create an impactful atmosphere for your events. No longer reserved for just wedding centrepieces, they can be used everywhere from bathroom arrangements to bar enhancements. They’re versatile, colourful and can be quite dramatic. But they are also expensive. In recent years, a new trend has taken over removing florals from the limelight. Introducing the cheaper, but no less impressive, cousin to floral arrangements…greenery!

Greenery is a great way to bring the outdoors inside and by using fresh items you can incorporate a subtle woodsy smell ensuring your event decor touches all senses. While items such as branches, leaves, moss, bushes and trees don’t sound like beautiful decor pieces, when used correctly, they create a less-stuffy and whimsical feel, transporting your guests to a lush landscape and leaving them in awe.

To get you started with the greenery trend for your next event, we’ve compiled 6 ideas on how to incorporate greenery into your event design. By selecting the right supplier partner, you can create something unique and unexpected.

6 Greenery Ideas for Event Decor:


1.  Multi-Purpose Greenery Garlands

Table RunnerGreenery Garlands

Source: WeddingWire.com & ElegantWeddings.com

One of the easiest ways to incorporate greenery into your event is a leafy, green garland. Garlands can be set on a table as a gorgeous runner, hung from the ceiling or around archways, and even wrapped around staircase’s to create a luscious entry way into your event. Add additional sparkle to your garlands by wrapping small LED lights throughout the branches. If you’re not willing to forgo florals altogether, that’s ok. We understand. Feel free to incorporate some simple flowers into your garlands but make sure they don’t overwhelm the rest of the greenery. Any type of greenery can be used to create this look, however our favourites are eucalyptus, bay and oak leaves during the spring and summer months, and evergreen leaves during the winter/holiday season.


2.  Grand Chandeliers

Greenery ChandeliersGreen Chandeliers

Source: Brides.com & BizBash.com

Whether you’re working with existing chandeliers in the event venue or you decide to create them, this is a great way to add some green elegance and incorporate a wow factor into your event. Whether the leaves hang off and droop down as shown on the left, or the greenery is tied tight around each part of the chandelier, as shown on the right at President Obama’s state dinner, a green chandelier is sure to add a magical touch to the evening.


3.  Green Backdrops

Branded Greenery Background

Source: BizBash.com

Thinking about a photo opportunity for your event? Want to forgo a basic stage backdrop? Or just need to dress up a long entryway? Avoid regular pipe and drape options, and consider a living, breathing backdrop instead. Backdrops incorporating greenery are statement pieces. Nothing ordinary here. They create a stand out effect that is sure to catch people’s gaze. As with all backdrops, they can be easily branded with whichever materials you choose, including customized lighting to really give it some pop!


4.  Manicured Hedges & Topiaries

Hedge Entrance WayWimbeldon Hedge

Source: InsideWeddings.com & EvergreenDirect.co.uk

Manicured hedges make us think about palatial landscapes (and Edward Scissor Hands of course!) and who doesn’t want their guests to feel regal!? As type-A planners, we love the control over shape and form offered by hedging and topiaries.  Whether you want a simple archway for an entrance piece, or to create a company logo, or something really detailed like a statue, the possibilities are endless with this style of manicured greenery.


5.  Moss Covered Everything

Moss BarMoss at Louis Vuitton Launch

Source: BizBash.com

While moss may not sound glamourous, it is an effective and super cheap way to incorporate greenery into your event decor. It’s especially great for event items such as bars or tables where the piece needs to serve a function, so can’t be made entirely of greenery. If Louis Vuitton is ok using moss in their event decor (photo on the right), then you should consider using it too. We absolutely love how they used moss on tables and as flooring, along with living trees to create a jungle oasis for their product launch. It’s a new age secret garden!


6.  Live Party Trees

greenery ideas for events

Party treesgreenery ideas for event decor

Source: Wedluxe & UniqueWeddingDecoration.com & BizBash.com & @sofiavergara on Instagram

Literally bring life to your party with live trees. Trees are the epitome of “WOW” factor. Just ask Sofia Vergara who opted for wisteria trees to create the ultimate fairy tale environment. Trees are best used for creating a larger than life room centrepiece or can be used to create the ultimate entryway. With so many types to choose from, you’ll find a tree that aligns with whatever theme you’re using for your decor. If you’re thinking about going tropical, palms and ferns are great options. If you’re going for a winter theme, bare birch trees are perfect and can easily be made up for a beautiful effect, so get creative and have some fun thinking of ways to dress them up with lights and ornaments.


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Like any of these ideas? We know the people that to help you make them happen. Check them out and book them online now via eventsage.com.

Greenery not your thing? We have many other event suppliers who can help you out!


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Vanna Bailey

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