Tis the season for merriment, joy, chaos and headaches! Let’s face it while a celebratory time, the holiday season is also one of the more stressful times of the year. So to help keep you focused on what really matters, we’ve put together a few tips to surviving the holiday madness.

Here’s our Sage Tips for a Happy Holiday season:


#1: It’s not about the how much you spend

No one expects you to be Santa and grant their every wish. So don’t feel like you have to max out every credit card, take out a loan or pick up extra shifts just to buy this season’s “must-have” toy, gadget or sweater. Trust us, it’s not worth the stress of worrying how you’re going to pay it off afterwards.

This season is all about spending time with loved ones, so skip the expensive presents and do just that…spend time with those who matter most. With so many free events going on around the city, there is tons to do on a dime. Check out our list of Holiday Happenings here. Or enjoy a night in watching cheesy holiday movies, singing karaoke and drinking a little spiked eggnog. Quality time is way better than a present because you’ll be able to cherish the memories forever!


#2: Stop trying to be the “perfect” host

Being the host is no easy task! There are a thousand things going through your head from ensuring you don’t burn down the house, to making sure your place settings are perfect, beverages are topped up, the house is tidy, and the list goes on (and on!). While you may want everything to be perfect, at the end of the day your guests don’t care about perfection. Your guests are there to see you, so don’t hide in the kitchen! Get out there. Be social and enjoy your time with everyone. And if you need help, ask!

(P.S to all you guests out there watching your host in a frantic state of panic, please be courteous and ask if there is something you can help with. Not everyone likes asking for help, so if you see them drowning, be a friend and offer to help.)


#3: It’s okay to be a little selfish

In any emergency situation you’re always told to take care of yourself before helping others. The same principle applies to the holiday season. While it’s incredibly kind of you to lend your hand primping a friend’s tree or wrapping presents, over-extending yourself is not good for anyone. No one should feel like they need a vacation after the holidays. So be a little selfish and take care of your list of to do’s first. Feel free to treat yourself to a day off. Read a book, have a spa day, or take in a yoga class. Do something that’s just for you. You’ll thank yourself later!


#4: There’s nothing wrong with a little rum and eggnog

When you feel like you’re reaching the end of your rope, take the edge off. Whether you indulge in a nice adult beverage, or simply take a breather to give your mind a break, it’s okay to take a step back. Especially, when you feel like you’re drowning with so many things to do before you-know-who comes over. Coming back to a problem with a fresh mindset will help you prioritize the tasks that are “must do’s” and identify which ones are “nice to-do’s”. It’s totally okay if you have to drop the unnecessary items. Your efforts will be appreciated no matter what.


#5: Have a little fun!

This is by far the most important tip of the season! At Eventsage, we always like to mix in a little fun so you should too. Let your inner child run loose this holiday season. Revel in the surprises of presents, play in the snow, or setup a funny photoshoot like the one we did below to spread a little holiday joy!

Music Source: Christmas Rap Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


And if none of these tips work…just tell everyone you were gifted with a trip and will be away for the next few days. Then stay home and relax. Or better yet, get out into nature for some exercise and fresh air. It will do wonders for your spirit!


From our Eventsage family to yours, we wish you a Happy Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year!


Vanna Bailey

Vanna Bailey

Having worked the majority of my career in experiential event marketing for large brands, I appreciate spreadsheets and all the small details that go into putting on an event. I understand how a simple plan can turn into a chaotic mess and hope to give helpful insights into how it can be done better. I am also the new Marketing Coordinator here at Eventsage.

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