She’s known as our office mascot but we’ve never properly introduced her. Allow us to introduce you to Mabel, our furry and lovable office lap dog. At this time of year when Halloween is looming, we can’t help but be reminded of her striking resemblance to an Ewok. In case you’re not familiar with what an Ewok is, they’re short, furry, teddy bear-like creatures made famous by the Star Wars movies.

Mabel the Office Ewok

Mabel vs. Ewok

With such similarity to these high profile disciples of Hollywood, it’s no wonder Mabel can be a bit of a diva sometimes. She demands only the best raw food diet. She refuses to walk outside when it’s raining. Instead she prefers to be transported by hand under an umbrella. And finally, she just doesn’t feel herself without her Burberry Jacket on! No matter how demanding she can be though, we feel lucky to be in her presence every day. She brings a sense of joy to the office and our team appreciates the opportunity to laugh and de-stress through play.

True to her Ewok ancestry, Mabel has classic brown and black fur markings. She’s the runt of the pack so is quite a bit shorter than her siblings who have an average height of 1 meter. She’s curious, loves to “sing”, and is very playful dancing down the hallways any chance she gets. She hasn’t lived in a forest in a very long time so is well-adapted to her city dwellings and uses some impressive speed to duck cars and foot traffic in order to survive our urban environment. She also has a keen sense of smell, which helps her to get a jump on setting up defences when an intruder is approaching our office. While she naturally exudes many Ewok characteristics, she clings to her canine characteristics at this time of year to keep us from going overboard. Belly rubs, cuddling, treats, and long naps keep her sane throughout the madness.

When all the fun of Halloween has passed, Mabel will unfortunately go back to being a regular Brussels Griffon dog. Or will she!? It has long been said that George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, used his beloved family dog, a Brussels Griffon, as inspiration for designing the Ewok character. Maybe the boundary between dog and Ewok is meant to be forever blurred?

Dogs in the Workplace

While having a dog in the office isn’t for everyone, we truly believe Mabel has a positive impact on our team’s well-being. She brings down stress levels when tensions are high in the office and we consider “dog breaks” a necessity when working through a problem or word-smithing. Taking a moment of reprieve with Mabel, allows us to clear our minds and re-ignite our creative juices.

Aside from our own experience with the benefits gained from having an office dog, there have been a number of studies over the years confirming the effect office pups have on reducing stress levels and increasing productivity within organizations. Check out the research done by Virginia Commonwealth University and this Global News coverage for more information.

If we’ve intrigued you with the idea of having a furry friend join you at work, you should be aware that not all dogs are suited for office life and bringing your companion into the office comes with additional responsibilities and challenges. Consider these 7 tips by before making a final decision:

  1. Do an office check. Double check with your colleagues to see if there is any opposition. Hopefully solutions to potential  problems can be discussed in advance and if there is still some hesitation you could suggest a trial run.
  2. Puppy-proof your work space. Make sure your workspace is a safe environment for your pet.
  3. Make sure Fido is fit for work. How is your dog normally around strangers? Are they aggressive? Shy? Friendly?
  4. Prepare a doggie bag. Just like you pack your lunch, you have to prepare your pup’s food and treats too. Don’t forget familiar items such as toys, food dishes and maybe even your dog’s bed to make sure they’re comfortable in your office setting.
  5. Plan your pet’s feeding times carefully. Do you have a meeting that day? Make sure your schedule for allowing them to relieve themselves and eating coincide with your schedule for the day.
  6. Avoid forcing your co-workers to interact with your dog. Ultimately your pup is your responsibility so you should respect your co-worker’s deadlines and never force them to take care of them or play with them for you.
  7. Have an exit strategy. In case it’s not working out ensure you have a backup plan for having your pet be comfortable somewhere else. Please don’t simply leave them in your car.


Sage Advice

We hope you’ve enjoyed meeting our office pooch Mabel. If you have any questions about integrating a dog into daily office activities, please feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll get right back to you.

Wishing you a happy and safe Halloween!


Vanna Bailey

Vanna Bailey

Having worked the majority of my career in experiential event marketing for large brands, I appreciate spreadsheets and all the small details that go into putting on an event. I understand how a simple plan can turn into a chaotic mess and hope to give helpful insights into how it can be done better. I am also the new Marketing Coordinator here at Eventsage.

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