What’s a zero-waste event?

A zero-waste event – business reception, workshop, party, or any function – takes action to reduce the amount of garbage from the event.

The 7-day Phoenix Open with 500,000 spectators went zero-waste. The fans loved it, the media was wowed and the sponsors were delighted. The PGA Tour’s largest event was a resounding success – your event will be too!

Why should my event be zero-waste?

  • Fulfill public expectation
  • Garner more sponsorships
  • Fulfill the company mandate of sustainability
  • Engage your employees
  • Reduce environmental strain created by landfills
  • It’s easy!

 Zero-Waste Event Ideas

Here are our Top Ten tips for making your event zero-waste:

  1. Source recycled materials: Use materials with high post-consumer recycled content.
  2. Recycle and compost: Place more recycling and compost than trash bins at your venue.
  3. Engage your guests: Make them part of the effort. Put up easy-to-read signs, colour-code the bins and announce that your event is zero-waste.
  4. Get some help: Talk to your staff and volunteers about the zero-waste effort. Make sure everyone knows what goes in each bin!
  5. Find a venue that supports zero-waste: For a green event with a healthy dose of luxury, how about the Coast Coal Harbour Hotel?
  6. Find a caterer that support zero-waste: Forage Vancouver serves up tasty food with an emphasis on sustainability.
  7. Jazz up your online RSVP’s: Save on paper and give your event a sophisticated flair. Check out RSVPify for beautiful invitations.
  8. Use compostable utensils and dish-ware: For even the heartiest meals, we use Biodegradable Solutions.
  9. Decorate with reused or recyclable materials: Avoid balloons!
  10. Monitor the bins at the end of the day: It’s easy to forget about earlier efforts at the end of a long day. Guide your guests to the right bins with a smile.

 Zero-Waste: Eco-friendly Utensils

And one more: share your zero-waste success! Post photos and thank your guests on social media after the event. Congratulate them on a productive day and being part of a green solution.

Kimberly Rohachuk

Kimberly Rohachuk

Over my career I've had the honor of working on some major events, including the World AIDS Conference in Vancouver, G8 Foreign Ministers meeting, and the Vancouver 2010 Olympics bid delegation to Prague. I’ve also worked with a number of corporate clients all over the world delivering hundreds of events for groups ranging from 50 to 1,500 people.

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