Honouring Our Soldiers – Past, Present, and Future

Today, we are thinking about a member of our Eventsage Family, Pte. Andrew Campbell, who has been serving in the Canadian Armed Forces for the past three years. Throughout the course of his service, his dedication, and commitment has resulted in many successes but comes with great sacrifice. With his loving family based in Ottawa, his girlfriend (myself) based in Vancouver, and the Military keeping him constantly on the go, his lifestyle is not what most would consider to be ideal. While he gets to sees his loved ones only occasionally he continues to be a caring and supportive son, brother, friend, boyfriend, and soldier. He is all of these things because, without a second thought, he puts everyone ahead of himself, like all members of the Forces do. As I have personally witnessed, it takes an unbelievably brave and selfless person to lead the life of a soldier.


Pte. Andrew Campbell

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Pte. Campbell and his fellow soldiers sacrifice more than we can comprehend. This year alone, his platoon participated in four exercises and three international competitions that consisted of tireless training, brutal weather conditions, sleepless nights, and endless travelling. They missed family dinners, holidays, and birthdays. They go days without sleep and if they’re lucky, survive on cold rations. Worst of all, they witness tragedies that some of us have only seen in movies. And yet, they do not complain. They do not give up and don’t ask for anything in return. It is because of this sacrifice, by all the members of The Canadian Armed Forces, that we are able to exercise the rights and freedoms we often take for granted.

To help us understand the significance of this day for the men and women serving in the Forces, Pte. Andrew Campbell shared some words:

“Growing up, the importance of Remembrance Day was never really bestowed upon me. To many it’s a day of solemn remembrance and reflection, for most 12 year old kids, like me, it was a day we donned a poppy and attended services at school.
I am now 25 years old and in my third year with the Forces. During this time I’ve missed two Christmases, visited my family only 4 or 5 times and lost one of my best friends. Remembrance Day for me now has become much more than just a time of personal reflection.
On the 11th of November you’ll find me and my closest friends swapping stories and sharing drinks. For some of us it’s no longer a solemn occasion; it’s a time when we can forget about the madness of our everyday life. It’s a time when we come together and celebrate the lives of those who made the ultimate sacrifice.”


II VP Reconnaissance Platoon, based in Shilo, Manitoba. 


From all of us here at Eventsage, thank you to those who are serving, have served, and will serve in the Canadian Armed Forces. We are forever grateful for your dedication, commitment, and sacrifices. We keep you and your loved ones in our thoughts and close to our hearts ALWAYS.

~ Lest We Forget ~ 



Jessica MacLeod

Jessica MacLeod

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