How many times have you seen a creative Pinterest post and thought “I could totally make that!”? With only 5 simple steps to create a beautiful festive centrepiece or holiday wreath, your first reaction is “No sweat!” right? So you start off with this gung-ho attitude ready to show those crafts who’s boss, however, half way through you start to realize that your pile of pinecones looks nothing like the pin. Even though you’ve followed every single instruction precisely, your end result is a fire hazard and hot glue burns. I may be speaking from experience here.

Let’s face it, not everyone can “Martha Stewart” their way through the holidays. Craft stores are intimidating. Pinterest is overwhelming, and some of us are just lucky if our gift wrapping looks half-decent. So, for those of you looking to expand your design wings beyond paper snowflakes, these ideas are for you.


Here are 10 (actually) simple holiday crafts for the not so crafty:


Garland – Quick & Quaint 

Decking the halls shouldn’t be a stressful situation. Forget the elaborate (and messy) evergreen boughs this year and create your own festive garland! All you need is some string and a few materials that you probably have laying around the house. To create colourful string lights, fold long strands of construction paper into ovals and wrap a grey base around one end. Using a whole punch, create an opening on each base and string some twine or string through. For a more rustic look, swap the paper lights for pinecones! Use a drop of hot glue to attach the cones onto a thick string and hang from a mantle or banister. Quick, yet quaint!

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Wreaths – Basic & Bold 

A wreath is usually the first thing your guest sees when they walk through the front door. Therefore, it’s the perfect way to show off your crafting skills to friends and family! Buying a wreath in stores can cost you upwards of $50 – $100! Save some dough (for holiday baking) and try these low cost, DIY options instead. Start by creating the outline of the wreath using thick wire, cardboard or styrofoam, and then attach a loop of ribbon at the top for hanging. Now, just choose your materials! Tie patterned fabric around a wire loop or use a hot glue gun to stick painted pinecones or old christmas bulbs. Pull it all together with a satin bow and voila! – a Pinterest-worthy wreath. Bold, but still basic!

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Ornaments – Easy & Artsy

Mixing in some handmade ornaments adds personality to your tree. Again, many of these materials can usually be found around the house or in your yard. So save yourself a trip to the craft store and scour your home first. If you’re digging the pinecone theme, you’ll love these rustic tree ornaments. Using your trustee hot glue gun, layer thin branches on a popsicle stick or piece of cardboard and trim the sticks to form the shape of a tree. Top with a pipe cleaner loop and decorate with glitter, jewels, or whatever knickknacks you have laying around. For a more vintage look, repurpose old bulbs with decoupaged newspaper. (FYI: decoupage is a fancy word for mod podge, which sounds super sophisticated and professional so be sure to mention it when people ask how you made the beautiful bulbs). Finally, how many of us have a collection of spare buttons? You know, those ones that come with every new cardigan and get tossed in the junk drawer and forgotten about. We have discovered their purpose – miniature hanging wreaths! Simply string mismatched buttons together, fasten with a cute ribbon bow, and add a loop for hanging. Easy, but still artsy!

Sage Tip: You can create your own mod podge by mixing equal parts of white glue with water. Add glitter for a sparkly effect.

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Table Settings – Savvy & Sophisticated

Now that the halls are decked, it’s time to trim the table! You’ve brought out the fancy flatware and delicate china but the ‘WOW’ factor is missing. Avoid the headache of following along with napkin folding youtube videos – not a lot of people are apt in origami. Keep it simple by folding your napkins “hot dog” style and tying a ribbon around the middle. The result is a chic bow that adds the perfect touch of elegance to any place setting. Like wreaths, elaborate centrepieces can cost a pretty penny. A budget-friendly alternative uses all the remaining materials from your other crafts! Fill a large vase with leftover bulbs, garland, and branches. Not only is this an efficient way to use your extra decor items, but it will also tie the theme of your whole house together. Savvy, yet sophisticated!

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Sage Advice

During the holidays, it’s important to take a moment out of our busy days to spend time with the people who love and support us throughout the year. Doing crafts is a great way to bring people together and can be a fun activity for all ages. Try not to stress over creating the perfect decorations. Instead, embrace the creativity of those around you and enjoy their company.

Spending time with your guests is the best part of hosting an event. So, let us take care of the rest! We can handle the little details while you enjoy the big moments. From sourcing a venue to creating a gifting table, our team of Sage Event Planners can manage any aspect of your event. Just tell us your vision and we’ll make it a reality. Get started today by emailing us at



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