Dreaming up crazy event ideas is, in theory, an exciting task to take on. In practice, with a world of possibilities at your fingertips, it can be extraordinarily difficult to get started! The pressure of coming up with an over-the-top idea can stress anyone out, so to give you a head start on brainstorming, we’ve put together some of the craziest and most creative event venues, décor, entertainment, and menus we’ve seen over the years. Get ready for some fun, unique and outrageous ideas that will definitely blow your guests away and make you a certified event planning trailblazer.

Unexpected Venues

Tired of attending the same old events at the same old venues? Reception halls, community centres and restaurants are great go-to’s but surely you can do better! The most memorable events are those that take place in unique, breathtaking and unexpected venues. Some of the best we’ve seen take place were in abandoned warehouses, on top of mountains, in the forest, at the zoo, in an aquarium, in lush botanical gardens, on yachts, in old wine cellars and in beautiful historic libraries. But by far the most unexpected is…dinner in the sky. Don’t feel limited by our list. With a little extra research and planning time (for permits and licenses of course) you can take your event anywhere.

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Eccentric Décor

If you’ve decided to opt for a traditional venue, but have grandiose plans to jazz it up with unique décor, you have many great options to work with. We’ve seen chandeliers made entirely of champagne bottles, illuminated alcohol bottles with cyclones, and “living walls” covered in plants and foliage. Looking for something more high tech? Check out Moey‘s digital garden that incorporates colourful “electronic flowers” that appeal to the senses sight and sound in darker environments. With built in motion sensors to detect people’s movement, these new age florals react according to the movement detected. When guests get close to them their lights become brighter and if someone dances in front of them they even play music!  Future versions will incorporate facial recognition software that detect when a person smiles and triggers the flowers to open and close. Such a unique way to spruce up an event space and also engage your guests in surprising ways!

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Crazy Event Ideas: Alcohol cyclone

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Outrageous Entertainment

When it comes to crazy ideas for entertainment, capitalize on the opportunity to take your audience by surprise with an unforgettable choice. For something on the tamer side, yet still out of the ordinary, have an a cappella group attend your event and serenade individual guests for a twist on the go-to band. Consider a live karaoke band, a multi instrument performer, or even a DJ who only takes requests for music from a certain era.

If you’re looking for a background entertainer, flair bartenders are a subtle form of entertainment that will hold your guests in complete awe. These talented individuals can dazzle any audience by impressively manipulating bartending tools like a juggler. Other entertainers that will hold your guests’ attention but won’t take away from the main event include ice sculptors, caricature artists and fortune readers. A fundraiser hosted by Redmoon Theater in Chicago featured aerial silk performers who filled up guests’ champagne glasses as they passed by. A great artistic twist that fit well with their line of business!

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Crazy Event Ideas_Entertainment

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Tasty Menu Twists

When you’re pulling together your menu, experimenting can be a lot of fun! Challenge the traditional catering option by hiring an assortment of local food trucks for your event. Rather than having your guests file through a buffet line-up, why not create a food truck alley where your guests can enjoy lining up for some unique and tasty options. Or try playing around with serving options, such as street festival style booths or creative food stations. One ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ themed event we were at had food “booths” from various countries around the world serving food authentic to that region. In reality, the word “booth” doesn’t really do them justice. They were small stage performances with set decor and costumed servers setting the scene and playing a part in reinforcing the regional theme. The Arctic station had dry ice smoke billowing out of an ice fishing hut. The France station looked like a bustling food market with gingham and the smell of fresh baked bread everywhere. Or for a more simple but equally enticing example, a local tech company we know hosted an reception event with massive glass vases filled with popcorn in unexpected flavours like Bread ‘n Butter Pickles, Salted Balsamic Caramel and Bacon ‘n Egg. Even the most unusual flavours were big hits because people just really enjoyed the tasting experience. For something more eccentric, make your event stand out with talented serving staff. Acrobats, actors and celebrity impersonators interacting with guests while they eat and mingle are great ways to take the pressure off networking and keep your guests entertained throughout the event.

Crazy Event Ideas_Popcorn

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Sage Advice

The great thing about coming up with crazy event ideas is that they are limitless! There are endless possibilities to explore, so our advice is to arrange a brainstorm with a diverse group of creative types to gather the most outrageous, outlandish and seemingly bizarre possibilities. Once you have all of your ideas out in the open, whittle your list down to what is truly feasible within your budget and event concept. We’re excited to hear where your brainstorming session takes you. Let us know what you’ve come up with in the comments section below.


Tara Boddington

Tara Boddington

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