Brainstorming a vision for your event can be a lot of fun, but not all gatherings need to have a distinct theme. For corporate events, office parties, workshops and the like, sometimes it’s best to keep it simple and let your brand take the spotlight. Do away with distracting themes and instead let your brand colours inspire design choices and look for interesting ways to incorporate your company logo.

Here are 8 simple and tech savvy ways to incorporate company branding into events:

Let’s start with the basics…


1) Let Your Company Colours Shine!

The simplest way to incorporate a brand into an event is to use the company’s colour palette to select items within that colour scheme. Choose florals, linens, table runners, drapes or even rent furniture such as lounge chairs or bars that coordinate with your company’s colours.

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wedding-drapes-1 stoli


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2) Dazzle with Decals

Use a print supplier to create vinyl decals with your company logo, slogan, or even a branded infographic and place on any glass or plexi surface within your event space. Bathroom mirrors, meeting room windows, tables, whiteboards, wall cutouts and more are great locations for decals. Make sure your provider uses low-tack adhesive so they can be removed afterwards without causing damage.

Sage Advice: Be sure to double check with your venue first before placing anything on walls. Some venues have a strict no-hanging policy and you don’t want to end up with a hefty bill.

printed-logo-square_1024x1024 Bizbash

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3) Add Some Custom Touches

Have some fun and think of creative of ways to integrate your company logo into your event details. For example, if you’re creating a lounge area, design art pieces for the space by framing logo prints and hanging on a wall. Or silkscreen print your logo onto fabric to create custom throw pillow covers.

Sage Advice: Purchase affordable pillow inserts from Ikea and purchase fabric in your brand colours from any local fabric store. Use a seamstress to sew covers with zippers to fit the pillow inserts. Send the covers to a print supplier or custom t-shirt company for silk screening your logo onto the fabric. Insert the pillow, zip-up and voila!

In the photo below on the right, Target integrated their logo into a quirky bike display and used a logo’d banner as a backdrop. Just because your theme is your company brand doesn’t mean it has to be boring!

Fox lounge Target Bike

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4) Integrate Branding Into Your F&B

Not every event has the budget for decor but every event we’ve ever attended has had some kind of F&B. Why not get a little crazy with your food and beverage offerings and make your brand look delicious. You can easily DIY some branded flags using labels and toothpicks or long skewers. Go to town inserting them into florals, food items, beverage garnishes, straws or whatever else your heart desires. Order branded cookies and chocolates to create a branded dessert table and augment with small dishes of M&Ms in your company colours. Or work with your venue bartender to create a signature cocktail or martini in one of your brand colours!

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Now let’s get technical! Check out these cool tech inspired ideas… 


5) Project Your Logo

Use a projector or floodlight with a custom gobo to display your company logo on a wall, entryway, carpet, or dance floor. This makes for an awesome “photo op” for your guests!

corporatelogo2b screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-12-13-14-pm

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6) Hire a Video-Mapping Supplier

Video-mapping suppliers can transform a building exterior into a visual display of your brand using your company logo, custom graphics and a colour scheme that matches your company colour palette. This can also be done indoors on the perimeter walls of your event space. Either way, the result is a truly impressive display of your brand!


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7) Rent a Fog Screen

Don’t know what a fog screen is? It’s an overhead unit that uses water vapour to create a thin curtain of “dry” fog that becomes the screen for whatever content you want to display like a logo for example. Anything you display literally floats in the air. A stunning, attention-grabbing outcome that can literally be walked through, making it a great option for doorways and entrances.


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8) Hire a Digital Caricaturist

Digital caricaturists are a fun entertainment addition to any event but they are also great opportunities for incorporating your brand. Their drawing templates are typically customizable, so a company logo can be included along the bottom of the template or a scene from your office can be used as the backdrop for each drawing. Completed drawings can be printed and given to your guests as takeaway gifts or can be shared electronically via email or social media as a follow-up to the event.



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Sage Support

Like any of these ideas? We can help you bring them to reality! Whether you like the more basic options and need help finding a decorator who can work within your budget, or you’re a tech savvy enthusiast and want our recommendations on the best in the biz, or maybe you’re a DIY specialist and need guidance on piecing your event vision together, our Sage Support team can help! Contact us today at for a free quote.



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