With the chilly vibes and frozen touches of winter surrounding us, we were inspired by the ice outside so decided to dream up some ways to incorporate ice decor into your next event. While integrating ice into event features is not a new concept, we wanted to open up your imagination to some new ideas and showcase all the possibilities this classic idea has to offer. The right ice supplier should be able to execute even the most creative concept.


You’ve probably seen a typical ice sculpture at an event before…

ice event pieces

Source: VancouverIceSculptures.ca

They’re usually designed as either a branded logo or an intricate figurine like the dragon shown above. But have you ever thought of other ways you could use ice to impress? If you’re drawing a blank, don’t worry! We dug deep so that you don’t have to. From table ideas to event furniture, photo opportunities, focal pieces and more. We’ve come up with 7 creative ice decor ideas for you to try at your upcoming New Years Eve party, corporate gala, or birthday extravaganza!

Here’s 7 other ways to incorporate ice decor into your event design:


#1: Frosty Table Displays

ice event piecesice event pieces

Source: BizBash.com & 360DesignEvents.com

Tired of overdone florals? Shake things up with a decorative ice display on each of your tables. Create mini statues and give them a glow with some uplighting underneath. Get creative with objects frozen inside the ice or take a more functional approach by creating sculpted candle holders. Play around with unique shapes or designs that you wouldn’t normally be able to achieve, like the palm trees or jagged ice sculptures shown above.


#2: Glistening Chandliers

ice event piecesice event piecesice event pieces

Source: VancouverIceSculptures.ca, RockOnIce.com & TravelBlog.org

Who needs the opulence of gold and glitter when you can have all that glam with ice? Every event should have a focal piece, so why not do something that really sets you apart with an iced-out chandelier! With some lighting, cables and moulded ice blocks, your ice supplier can create an elegant, eye catching piece that is sure to amaze.

Sage Tip: Be sure to discuss hanging restrictions with your venue manager in advance and have your supplier check out the space in person to confirm measurements and what other materials may be needed to make a temporary ice fixture work. 


#3: Not Your Typical Backdrop

ice event pieces

Source: SoCoolEvents.com

Forget pipe and drape. Dare to be different by using ice as a backdrop. Like other ice decor, you can keep it simple or have fun with a more customized design. Incorporate your company logo, play around with intricate patterns, or even freeze items inside.

Sage Tip: Be sure to check measurements of all entrances into and out of your event space. Your ice supplier may need to create smaller panels and place them together if entrances have height or width restrictions or if an elevator is required to get the ice backdrops to another level from the loading dock.


#4: Chilled Out Serving Dishes

ice event piecesice event pieces

Source: VancouverIceSculptures.ca & Nimkad.com

Ice can also be used to inspire a different kind of food presentation! Certain items like seafood or beverages need to be chilled, so take the opportunity to do something a little more creative and use serving dishes made of ice. Create an elaborate tiered display or keep it simple with a frozen punch bowl. Do you like DIY projects? Ice bowls are actually quite easy to make. Here’s a simple tutorial on how to make your own. Whether you want serving trays, punch bowls, multi-level stations, glassware for a fun shot or something more elaborate, ice can be used as the ultimate service vessel.


#5: Frosted Furniture

ice event piecesice event pieces

Source: LAIceArt.com & AndysKitchen.co.uk

In need of a bar for your event but tired of the same old white plexi unit that everyone seems to use these days? Maybe you need shelving or a display case for your products? Instead of renting the usual pieces, put your creative hat on and work with an ice supplier to design an exquisite table, bar, shelves, or whatever else you can dream up for your event. Keep your company front and centre with an etched logo or with painted/dyed ice to make your brand colours stand out. Items such as flower petals, fruits, veggies or products produced by your company can be frozen inside any ice display. As a final touch, add some uplighting to make these pieces really stand out!


#6: Just Say “Freeze”

ice event piecesice event pieces

Source:  ArtBelowZero.net & TheEpochTimes.com

With smartphones always on standby, you know guests will be taking photos and sharing your event on social networks. Capitalize on free online promotion by creating a unique photo opp station no one will forget. An ice sculpture with a simple photo frame with your company logo on it will do the trick. Or if there’s a theme that ties in nicely with your event, take it to the next level with a sculpture with face cut-outs for your guests to pop their heads through. At the very least it’s a conversation starter and those who participate will have an awesome snapshot as well as a good chuckle!


#7: Cool Games

ice event piecesice event pieces

ice event piecesice event pieces

Source: PaulJohnsonPhoto.com, ArtBelowZero.net, RockOnIce.com & AdsOfTheWorld.com

Who doesn’t love a good party game? From beverage luges to classic family games like Connect Four to ice chipping activities, let the ice do the entertaining at your event. Get creative and think about your audience and the theme of your event. Then think about interactive activities that align with your event and that guests will enjoy. For example, if you’re planning on doing a prize draw, you could freeze winning tickets inside a beautiful ice sculpture and ask your guests to use an ice pick to get them out. Or for an adult friendly evening, create a shooter luge and inspire a little friendly competition to put your guests in the festive mood!


Sage Support

Like any of these ideas? We can help you bring them to life. Our Sage Event Planners have been involved in facilitating more than a few ice creations for clients. Simply tell us your event vision and we’ll get to work with a concept and source/contract a trusted supplier to work within your budget and deliver a quality product on time. Send us an email today for your free quote at sagesupport@eventsage.com.


Vanna Bailey

Vanna Bailey

Having worked the majority of my career in experiential event marketing for large brands, I appreciate spreadsheets and all the small details that go into putting on an event. I understand how a simple plan can turn into a chaotic mess and hope to give helpful insights into how it can be done better. I am also the new Marketing Coordinator here at Eventsage.

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