Happy Hanukkah from all of us at Eventsage! With celebrations and festivities well underway, we thought we would share some Hanukkah decoration ideas.

While it was once a holiday overshadowed by Christmas festivities, Hanukkah became more widely celebrated in the early 1970’s when Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson called for public awareness of the festival, and encouraged the lighting of public menorahs. Since then, Hanukkah decorations have become as common as Christmas decor and have evolved in some cases to become a cross between the two holidays as more and more families turn away from rigid cultural expectations and instead opt to celebrate the diverse traditions and religions of their extended family.

Celebrate the Festival of Lights with these Hanukkah decoration ideas:


Have Fun with a Traditional Colour Scheme

Hanukkah Decor_Colour SchemeHanukkah Decor_Patterns

Source: StyleAtHome.com & BHG.com

The traditional colour scheme of white with dark blues like navy, cobalt and royal blue signifying the colours of Judah and the Israeli flag are gorgeous but why not change it up a bit this year? Try incorporating lighter shades of blue or turquoise to give your event design some depth and personality. If you’re adventurous, try incorporating different patterns in a similar colour palette for an added element of fun. Additionally, add touches of silver for a bit of sparkle, giving your decor a polished and celebratory feel! Or opt for more traditional gold accents and incorporate gelt to compliment.


Get Crafty with Your Menorah

Hanukkah Decor_MenorahHanukkah Decor_Manzanita Menorah

Source: BHG.com & ApartmentTherapy.com

Every Hanukkah celebration needs a menorah, and while classics never go out of style, it does constrain creativity. Consider leaving your classic menorah on the mantle or in the window, and have some fun by creating your own DIY menorah as a table centrepiece. You can easily create one by using old candle pillars, decorating wine bottles, wrapping small presents and putting tea lights on top of them, or even going out into the yard and finding a fabulous branch to create your own look-a-like manzanita tree branch menorah.


Make Your Own Festive Garland

Hanukkah Decor_Gelt GarlandHanukkah Decor_Dreidel Garland

Source: DesignMegillah.com & BHG.com

Creating your own festive garland is a pretty easy way to add some fun to your Hanukkah decorations and is relatively cheap and easy. Try creating a paper dreidel garland with this template and then use a needle and thread to string it along. You can also create a gelt garland by painting plastic coins from a dollar store and then using hot glue to attach to a string. If you’re working with less time, add some colour by creating a simple paper chain garland using different shades of blue and white paper for a festive Hanukkah feel.


Create a Focal Point

Hanukkah Decor_Paper LanternsHanukkah Decor_Focal Point

Source: PartyCity.com & HGTV.com

The Festival of Lights is a celebration, so a little fun with family and friends is definitely required. Create a fun atmosphere by crafting a whimsical focal point using paper lanterns or pompoms hung from the ceiling with string or colourful ribbon.


Add Some Colour to Your Floor

Hanukkah Decor_Blue Rug

Source: Amazon.com

Have you ever considered buying a holiday rug? While it’s common to buy other holiday furnishings such as decorative pillows, table cloths, draperies, blankets, etc. it’s not as common for individuals to consider a festive rug. You can make a big  impact with a splash of colour on floor and it will help tie the rest of your festive decorations together for a cohesive look.


Decorate a Hanukkah Bush

hanukkah bushhanukkah bush2

Source: Pinterest & BHG.com 

While a tree is not a traditional decorative element for Hannukah, many households opt to celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah and some people enjoy integrating Hanukkah Bushes even though they aren’t a historical component of the celebration. If you’re not opposed to mixing traditions or are comfortable charting your own path, consider outfitting a white flocked tree with ornaments in shades of blue, gold and silver. Or create arrangements for food tables using simple vases, branches, hanging dreidels and gelt to create a decorative Hanukkah bush on a smaller scale.


Sage Advice

Our rule of thumb for decorating any holiday event is to have fun or else don’t do it! It’s not something to stress over. Celebrations at this time of year should be about spending time with family and friends not about creating a “perfect” event. At the end of the day, your decor choices are an added bonus. The real gift is time spent with YOU! So take some time to relax, enjoy the moment, and have a Happy Hanukkah!


Vanna Bailey

Vanna Bailey

Having worked the majority of my career in experiential event marketing for large brands, I appreciate spreadsheets and all the small details that go into putting on an event. I understand how a simple plan can turn into a chaotic mess and hope to give helpful insights into how it can be done better. I am also the new Marketing Coordinator here at Eventsage.

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