We know your time is precious. Especially when you’re planning a meeting or event while also juggling the demands of other job responsibilities. Even the smallest details can take up a significant amount of valuable time to ensure it’s perfect for the event. Many hours are spent online researching everything from the best suppliers, to ways to incorporate tech into your event, to centrepiece inspiration, and food ideas. What if you could cut down some of your research time? A welcome prospect for many of you I’m sure.

Well you’re in luck. Google can help. You’re probably already familiar with using Google to search, but perhaps you’re not aware of the other helpful things the Google search bar has to offer?

To help you harness the power of Google, our friends at ePly Online Event Registration have provided below 6 shortcuts to make event coordination easier and more efficient.

6 Google Tips & Tricks Every Event Planner Should Know

By Roger Sum, ePly Online Event Registration


1. Get Specific with Google’s Advanced Search Tool

Why waste time going website to website looking for information when Google can give you better and more targeted search results? The easiest way to use this feature is to type your search topic into the Google search bar and when results come up, click the gear icon at the top right corner of the page to bring up ‘Advanced Search’ options. From here you can easily find pages with exact or related words and even subtract words that you don’t want included in your search. You can also specify your search further by choosing the file type, language, region, and site to look in, which will save you time when scouring webpages for information and ideas.

For example, if you’re creating a banquet and are in need of some design inspiration for table centrepieces, but you don’t want to use florals, you can go to Google and simply search ‘banquet centrepiece ideas’ and then use the ‘Advanced Search’ tool to remove the results showing floral options. To do this, do your initial search for ‘banquet centrepiece ideas’ and then click the gear icon in the top right corner to access the Advanced Search. Under ‘None of these words:’ enter the words ‘florals’ or ‘flowers’ and Google will then narrow down your search to remove results with florals and return results for other centrepiece ideas such as balloons, candles, trees, etc.


2. Google’s Reverse Image Search Helps You Source Imagery to Find Similar Photos

Google’s Reverse Image Search is an impressive feature that allows you to simply drag an image from your computer into the search bar to find image information like it’s source and where it’s been used before or to find similar or better looking photos. To access this feature you must go to Google’s main search page and click the ‘Images’ link in the top right hand corner which will take you to the ‘Google Image Search’ page. You can also reach it via the URL https://www.google.com/imghp or by searching the term ‘google images’ on the main search page and then clicking the first result.

This is great tool for sourcing images to use on event promotional materials and is also beneficial for seeing where similar photos have been used in case you want to differentiate your event from previous events.

(Note: if you try to drag an image to Google’s main search page this feature will not work. You must be on Google’s Image Search page.)


3. Grow Your Vocabulary with Google Definitions

Ever had a supplier or colleague mention a term you weren’t familiar with? Google can help you decode their lingo. When searching in Google, type “define:” preceding the word or phrase you’d like defined. For instance, if you’re talking to a print supplier and they mention 4/4 printing, simply type “define: 4/4 printing” in the Google search bar to get a definition and additional resources related to the term you searched.

Google 4/4 Printing Definition


4. Get Quick and Easy Unit Conversions

Unit conversions can be quite confusing, especially when you’re receiving quotes from different suppliers that vary between using the metric system and the imperial system. Google can help you easily and quickly convert measurements. All you have to do is type exactly what you need converted to a different unit of measurement.

For example, if you need to convert 2 feet to metres, simply type”convert 2 ft to m” into the search bar and Google will convert this measurement instantaneously. Additionally, you could type “ft to m” and it’s calculation tool will pop-up for you to input the number of units you’d like converted. While this example is great for converting lengths, Google also allows you to convert other types of measurement such as temperature, digital storage size, and fuel consumption as well.

Google_Unit ConversionGoogle_Unit Conversion2

*Example of conversion types when drop down list appears after clicking Length

5. Plan Ahead for Weather Implications with Forecast Look-up

Weather conditions can greatly effect the outcome of any event whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Knowing the forecast prior to your event can help you plan in advance to ensure your guests are most comfortable while in attendance. For example, you may need to order extra water for guests on hotter days, or plan ahead with umbrella and coat storage for rainy or colder event days. You can easily find the forecast of a city or location by typing “forecast [city’s name]” into the Google search bar.



6. Check the Arrival and Departure Times of your Special Guests or Speakers

If you are scheduling pick-up and drop off times for your special guests or speakers, you’ll want to know if their flight is early, on time, or delayed. Google can help you find this information quickly with the simple use of the airline code and flight number. If you have this information, just type it into the search bar and Google will give you relevant information on the flight itinerary as well as live flight tracking and information about whether the flight will be early or delayed. This is a great tool for making your important guests feel extra cared for and for impressing your boss and colleagues with your change management skills.

Google_Flight Tool


With these 6 Google shortcuts now added to your event planning tool box, we hope that you’ll be able to find efficiencies in all aspects of the planning process. If you have any questions with these Google shortcuts, feel free to contact us at support@eply.com.


Sage Advice

Did you know Eventsage.com was designed specifically to help you save time sourcing and booking event suppliers? By giving you a one-stop-shop for finding all the various supplier types you need for a meeting, event, workshop, or team building (venues, caterers, florists, photographers…) and providing a way for you to reach out to them all at once for quotes and availability information without ever having to find their email address or call to follow-up, we’re committed to making your event planning life as efficient as possible.

If you have other Google tips & tricks or non-Google related ideas for saving time while planning events, please tell us in the comments section below. We’re stronger collectively than we are individually so let’s help each other be the best planners possible!


Vanna Bailey

Vanna Bailey

Having worked the majority of my career in experiential event marketing for large brands, I appreciate spreadsheets and all the small details that go into putting on an event. I understand how a simple plan can turn into a chaotic mess and hope to give helpful insights into how it can be done better. I am also the new Marketing Coordinator here at Eventsage.

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